Fabricated Products

Here is a list of some of the common products that DWC Fabrication has made for some of its clients in the past:

  • Chain saw cages with or without 36” winter saw c/w carbide tip blade.
  • 18’ marker buoys- aluminum. 
  • Wing type drive pins- Aluminum. 
  • Straight drive pins-aluminum. 
  • Tow Paravane-aluminum. 
  • 18” rope reels-aluminum. 
  • Pontoon hose float-aluminum. 
  • Turner valley gates-aluminum. 
  • Three or Four way manifolds 3” or 4”.
  • Heavy duty shipping container forklift access ramp.
  • Splitting of fuel tanks to accommodate fuel/hydraulic oil combinations.
  • Checker plate lines trailers for chemical containment (48-53’ vans)
  • Moving and still water anchors.